Wednesday 16 September 2015

Chile: Neither Left Nor Right Nor Democracy Or Fascism!

Insurrection News received and translated:

Anarchic presence at demonstrations 42 years since since the start of the dictatorship in Chile.

In solidarity with the two comrades arrested for possession of incendiary devices.

1. A little about the current situation in Chile

The year 2015 was marked, among other things with the following:

- the revelation of 'corruption' cases regarding the illegal financing of election campaigns involving businessmen and politicians from all sectors. This confirmed for some what was already known about the complicity between political and economic power. These scandals have increased the discrediting of the political elite and triggered widespread social discontent.

- the mobilization of right-wing sectors, similar to what occured in the run-up to the dictatorship in Chile: the visibility of neo-Nazi goup Party for the Defense of Chile (PADECHI), 'citizens against crime' in affluent neighborhoods and the manifestation of landowners, truck owners and some workers against what they label 'Mapuche Terrorism', the latter under the format of a caravan that travelled from the south to the center of the country which was received in Santiago with applause from some citizens and violent rejection from various sectors (Mapuche, leftists of various origins, antifascists etc).

- the arrests of comrades for street fighting and increased penalties for the possession and use of incendiary devices, resulting in the detention of several comrades.

2. Sharing the street with others, but marking a distance of fire with left-wing reformism: anarchic presence in the march for victims of the dictatorship.

On the night of September 11, the day that began 42 years ago with a bloody dictatorship, the suburbs of the city are filled with barricades and clashes with police. A policeman was shot.

Later in the march commemorating the victims of the dictatorship, held in Santiago on Sunday September 13, anarchists and anti-authoritarians, as in other manifestations, usually occupy the street in a march that is convened mainly to a variety of authoritarian and reformist leftist movements.

The manifestation this year was composed of a motley mass of demonstrators, citizens, relatives of missing detainees and those executed by the dictatorship, members of the governing parties (Communist Party and Socialist Party), antifascist hooligans and police. The demonstrators stood in droves with green and red, red and red and black flags posing for the cameras and promoting their organizations.

Amid all this, a very painful sight was the leftist groups that had modified slogans that were originally anti-fascist and insurrectionary anarchist to disseminate propaganda for their vanguardist organizations to suction power and attempt to create new partnerships with themselves at the head. Thus, the cry "Social War against the State and Capital' was appropriated by the 'Libertarian Left' (neo-communist) as "Create popular power against the State and Capital." The historic slogan "Anti-fascist alert! The whole territory becomes anarchists!' was transformed by the Guevarist Youth into the pathetic "Anti-fascist alert! The whole country becomes Guevara." Lacking confrontational discourse and praxis these organizations flirt with radical slogans but strip them of all their original anti-authoritarian and insurrectionary meaning.

Therefore it is important that our discourse and praxis of radical struggle against power becomes evident and palpable and does not become confused with victimhood or tainted with the ideas of others who differ from us with their reformism, verticality and aspirations of power.

In the case of the event in question, the anarchic presence that has always been a minority but this time was even more minoritised , materialized in insurgent propaganda and action - spreading flyers against dictatorship and democracy, in memory and solidarity with our comrades who were murdered and imprisoned by democracy, shouting slogans of war, destroying capitalist infrastructure in the city and setting fire to banks and municipal security booths.

We believe that along with this significant presence it is also important to use our capacity to act autonomously, acting on our ideas by creating attacks to disrupt the imposed normality without waiting for directions from others, deciding ourselves where and when to attack.

3. Solidarity with Claudio and Fabián, arrested and remanded in custody after the riots.

Twenty comrades were charged and released that day for various disorders. However Claudio Valenzuela and fellow university student Fabián Duran were charged with possession of incendiary devices and were remanded in custody following changes to the Arms Control act made by the Social Democratic government of Michelle Bachelet. Such amendments that raise the penalties against those who are arrested carrying Molotov cocktails or other incediary / explosive devices seek to punish the rebels and inhibit insurrectionary action by spreading fear.

The powers of justice have decreed a 45 day period of preventative detention during the investigation.

Insurrectionary solidarity is part of the intensification of the struggle against power through multifaceted action. We must support our comrades in prison but we must not concentrate our endeavours solely on anti-prison struggle but also continue to spread anarchic agitation, because prison is just one part of an authoritarian social order that we must attack in a comprehensive manner. 

Solidarity with Claudio, Fabian and all prisoners by continuing the fight in the streets and taking action in the struggle against domination!

Neither bourgeois power or people power!
Neither managers nor acronyms or leaders!
Self-organize autonomously and horizontally attack all forms of authority!

Some anti-authoritarian encapuchadxs,
September 2015.