Thursday, 17 September 2015

Philippines: Anarchist book project 'Memoir Of Memes' needs support

Insurrection News received, 17.09.15:

I'm Noel Regachuelo, a freelance comics artist, graphic designer, painter and community organizer, I maintain The Greenhouse Infoshop Project. I studied Digital Illustration and Animation, unfortunately i stopped schooling due to financial crisis.  I already released my own self published comics and exhibited mixed media art works in galleries. 

There are millions of memes in the internet but there are few significant memes that are worth collecting. My book project "Memoir of memes" is a collection of dissident memes in the internet. Civil unrest, demonstration, revolution, graffiti, revolts are some topics of the book, i think it is important to have an archive of memes thru a book. Since "meme" is an idea, behavior, style or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture, meme is the mirror of our generation, it reflects the situation of our culture, politics, art and everyday life.

I hope you can help me promote my book project to other people and raise the publishing expenses. Since the publishing of the book will be here in Naga City Philippines, i think it would be more practical.  The goal fund of the project is $1000 or 46,535 in Philippine Peso. The amount will be used for production costs, printing and promotion. I will also send some PDF format of the book for anyone who will donate, if had an opportunity I can also send you a physical copy of the book. If I didn't meet the goal of fund, I'll try to self publish it like a fanzine.

Since is its a collection of memes, its also a collection of ideas, philosophies, aphorism, photos, drawings, graphics, illustrations, etc.. I think it is an important book project because it will give us new information and perspective.

I'll be giving a free copy of the book to those who helped me and supported my endeavors.

Thank you.

- Noel Regachuelo

Contribute to this project HERE
OR make a direct funds transfer to the following account:

Account Holder: Noel C. Regachuelo 
Account Number: 1890311373
Bank Name: Banco De Oro San Francisco
Branch: Naga City, Philippines