Sunday, 2 August 2015

Chile: Update on anarchist comrades Javier Pino & Natalia 'Tato' Collado

A hearing was held at the main courthouse in Santiago on July 28th against the anarchist comrades Javier Pino and Natalia 'Tato' Collado who are both accused of burning down a Transantiago bus

Comrades in solidarity tried to enter the courtroom to support the comrades however the judge and the prosecution took offence at the disorderly nature and appearance of the solidaritarians and ordered that the hearing take place behind closed doors with only the presence of relatives permitted.

Outside the courthouse a rowdy solidarity demonstration ensued. Two banners were unfurled, leaflets were distributed and slogans were shouted through megaphones to let the comrades know they were not alone. The police and special security forces intervened and a fight broke out with the solidaritarians standing their ground refusing to bow down throwing kicks and punches and spitting at the authorities. The authorities resorted to using batons and capsicum spray. The clashes continued into the court building itself and ended with 6 comrades detained. Two women comrades were formally charged with public disorder offences and cited to appear at the local police courts and the other four comrades were taken to the number 12 police station in Santiago for 'routine' identity checks. All the comrades were released in the afternoon.

As for the hearing...Tato and Javier were formally charged under article 14-D for 'detonating an incendiary device on public transport' which comes under the Arms Control Law. Such crimes have sentences ranging between 10 and 15 years. The investigation period was re-opened as the defense have new measures to deal with at the moment with no fixed days to investigate.

Active solidarity with all comrades in the anti-prison network!

Strength to the comrades Tato and Javier, No aggression will go unanswered!

(via contra info)


Comrade Natalia 'Tato' Collado transferred to isolation module

We have been informed that the comrade Tato was transferred after a visit on July 27 from her module, apparently as a mean to punish her for her attitude of disrespect and contempt for the prison institution and it's circus officials and for her relationship of affinity and comradeship with comrade Nataly with who she had been shaking the walls and the morale of the jailers. Currently comrade Tato is being held indefinitely in punishment and isolation Module 1.

We also inform you that on July 28 a judge ordered that only close relatives were allowed to attend the hearing to determine how long the kidnapping of our comrades continued. Obviously this measure ignited the anger of non-family comrades and led to clashes with gendarmes and police.

We will not allow provocations and aggressions to go unanswered!

We will not let the whims of judges, prosecutors and prison guards determine the lives of our comrades!

Down with the patriarchal, techno-industrial and anthropocentric prison society!

Tato and Javi to the street or wherever they want!

(via contra info)