Sunday, 2 August 2015

Chile: Anarchist comrade Sergio Alvarez is in custody

The anarchist comrade Sergio Alvarez was arrested on Wednesday, July 15 following clashes between encapuchados (hooded ones) and police outside the University of Chile in Santiago. After being beaten and spending the night in the cells of democracy, the comrade was taken to the so-called 'Justice Center' and paraded as a trophy for the cameras of the journalistic carrion. As he passed the cameras, guarded by the police but with his head held high, Sergio yelled: "The war continues, long live anarchy!"

After formally charging Sergio for possession of an incendiary device, disorder and assaulting police the judge decided to place the comrade under a 3 month house arrest for the duration of the pre-trial investigation. However following an appeal by the prosecution, Sergio was taken to Santiago Prison Number 1 on Wednesday July 27.

Sergio's arrest occurred in the context of a series of many arrests of juveniles accused of participating in clashes between encapuchados and police outside universities.

Sergio has refused the 'young student victim of a set-up' stance and has instead positioned himself as an anti-authoritarian individual in confrontation with the power and roles imposed by the dominant order.

To learn more directly about the situation you can email - you can also send words of greeting and solidarity to Sergio at this email and they will be passed on to the comrade.

And now we share with you the words of comrade Sergio and call for the unleashing of rebellious solidarity and the elimination of silence and inaction.



Well, the beginning is always complicated, but this isn't one precisely...

On Wednesday July 15 I was arrested at the University of Chile in the context of street fighting outside the university. Rather than talk about what contributed to my arrest or provide an update on my trial (there will be plenty of time for that), I feel it is more important to clarify and reaffirm my position - the position I made very clear when I shouted it to the journalist carrion who tried to make a trophy out of me.

I am not a victim, nor will I now take any kind of cooler or lukewarm position nor will I engage in repentant blinking and forget the fires of combat. I am neither somebody who fights for improvement or reform to make existence bearable within this system, nor will the system claim me as a student or a worker. I am an anarchic individual who seeks confrontation against those who hold, represent and defend the Authority and any manifestation of it's domination of every aspect of my life and that of my comrades; the eternal desire to expropriate my life and to nurture individually and collectively antagonism towards the citizen resignation and submission.

For now I have no more to say about the maelstrom of my thoughts, feelings and sensations. With all my love I hope to reconnect with everybody soon.




Sergio Alvarez
Anarchist, anti-authoritarian and sometimes nihilist prisoner.
Santiago Prison Number 1

(via contra info)