Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Italy: Court confirms 6 year sentence for Davide Rosci

Italy, 07.06.15: The Supreme Court confirmed the conviction for the riots in Rome in October 2011 (see here) when an armored vehicle of the police officers was attacked and set on fire. Sentence of six years confirmed to Davide Rosci and other defendants from the city of Teramo, Cristian Quatraccioni and Mauro Gentile. The prosecution: destruction and looting (by italian old-fascist law). Appeals postponed the judgment to Marco Moscardelli. All have already served half of the sentence, Rosci has left home two weeks ago. To Rosci condemnation of First Instance to six years had been confirmed because he had not been recognized extenuating circumstances. The recognition of extenuating circumstances had reduced to 4 years and 8 months of the sentence to Quatraccioni Cristian, 33y/o, and 5 years for Marco Moscardelli, 33y/o.

On his Facebook profile, Rosci wrote

The Dante’s circle where I entered seems to be a dead-end. The Supreme Court of Cassation has confirmed for me, Mauro and Mirko penalties established by the Court of Appeals while Marco was canceled and postponed the sentence on Appeal. On this we celebrate. There is little to say, and unfortunately nothing to do so for the moment the only thing that is stopping to reflect on what was happened and to organized on what will be.

Soon the sentence will be final and the prospects are two: or go back inside in jail or find a stable job, for one like me who is released from prison, there are no certainly opportunities so I take advantage of this post in hopes of finding some kind soul who stumbles in reading these lines, to keep me this if you become aware of any use. I think I have given everything to the cause and I hope I can give so much more but for the moment I have to stay lucid and avoid becoming cannon fodder.

This will pass too…

Around 7pm Rosci was locked up back in prison in Castrogno.

Solidarity to all comrades hit for the October 15th!

To write to him in jail:

Davide Rosci
Casa Circondariale di Teramo
Strada comunale rotabile, Castrogno
64100 Teramo (TE)

(via Internacia solidareco)