Tuesday, 5 May 2015

International call for solidarity with the case of Nicolás Neira

In order to describe heaven, it is not necessary to transport up there earthy materials. It is necessary to abandon earth, its materials, in order to embellish life with its ideal” –Isidore Ducasse.

With anger in our hearts and a deep sense of injustice is that we remember Nicolás David Neira Álvarez, a 15 year old young man, whose early affinity with anarchist ideas led him to be bludgeoned by the Colombian riot police (ESMAD) to the point that the constant banging of his head against the pavement damaged his brain matter. This happened during the heavy handed repression against the anarchist block during the May Day demonstrations in Bogotá, 2005. He would pass away on the 6 of March.

10 years later, we do not want to be viewed as victims, we do not forget and we shall not forgive. Today we face the same repression; peace-talk is no good when femicides are a regular staple, peace communities are persecuted, trans-gendered people are assassinated, when displaced people die hungry in the cold of the street, when death-squads threaten and attack mercilessly any expression of dissent, just as they did before. When military trucks are overloaded with youngsters from all over the country, taken away to uncertain destinations, and when our comrades in jail linger in overcrowded dungeons that the system calls prisons.

10 years later we are happy to state that we are members of an international community, which has not been segmented by the borders, by flags, not even by language. We have been one with Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Iberia, the United States, Ecuador, Venezuela, Indonesia, Palestine, Kurdistan, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Australia, Byelorussia, Egypt, Mexico. Every time we have shown our solidarity, discussing in the open or privately problems of places that may be far away in the map but not from the heart, every time we have acted accordingly to our desire to destroy to rebuild, when we have supported not facts, but for ideas harbouring the passions of millions of people; for those brief moments, as brief as life itself is brief, we have been able to be the entire world, the entire galaxy.

For all this we want to invite you all, wherever you are, to carry any action which you think is suited to honour solidarity with Nico on this 6 of May. We know that you have anger and a deep sense of injustice as well, so we will be very happy to know of different activities, where the yell of “Long live Nico!” is heard of in different languages, and in different accents.

(via accion libertaria)