Monday, 18 May 2015

Chile: Subversive prisoners announce hunger strike in solidarity with Juan, Nataly & Guillermo

Comrades, we hereby inform you all that as of 00:00 hours from today, May 18, 2015 that we the subversives who inhabit the high security prison have joined Juan Flores, Guillermo Duran and Nataly Casanova in their hunger strike struggle. 

We do so with a deep sense of anti-prison solidarity and we make the same demands as our comrades who have already completed 34 days of hunger strike. These demands are:

- The immediate release of Enrique Alfonso Guzmán Amadeo considering the ridiculous accusations and the delusional evidence that has been presented by the prosecutors.

- We demand an immediate resolution to the situation of our comrade Nataly Antonieta Casanova Muñoz who since her arrival at San Miguel prison has been under a regime of severe punishment and complete isolation.

- We demand an end to the harassment and persecution that the forces of repression have unleashed upon our relatives and those closest to us. 

- That steps are taken to establish the scientific validity of DNA testing.


Against All Authority: Social War

Young Combatants for Permanent Insurrection

While Misery Exists There Will Always Be Rebellion

Marcelo Villarroel

Freddy Fuentevilla
Carlos Gutiérrez
Juan Aliste
Alejandro Astorga
Hans Niemeyer
Alfredo Canales

High Security Prison,
Santiago, Chile.