Monday, 18 May 2015

Greece: 2nd appeals trial of Revolutionary Struggle to begin on May 22nd

Note: The following info comes from a solidarity poster from Greece that has been translated into English by the comrades at act for freedom now! website.

The first trial of the organization Revolutionary Struggle lasted from  October 5th 2011 to April 3rd 2013 and was a political trial, a stand to defend armed struggle as well as the actions of the organization from 2003 to 2010, it was a political stand to defend the social revolution and condemn capital and the state.

The court sentenced the three members of the Revolutionary Struggle Nikos Maziotis, Pola Roupa and Kostas Gournas to 50 years (merged) in prison, while comrades Vaggelis Stathopoulos and Christophoros Kortesis got 7 years each. Just like in the first trial, in the appeals trial starting on May 22nd the Revolutionary Struggle will not be tried as a “terrorist” organization. The indictment of the Revolutionary Struggle and the  comrades on trial for the same case, against capital and state, will be heard again, promoting with their discourse the struggle for Subversion and Revolution.

Solidarity to the members of the Revolutionary Struggle Nikos Maziotis  and Kostas Gournas and to comrades Vaggelis Stathopoulos and Christophoros Kortesis who are tried in the same case. Solidarity to Pola Roupa, member of the Revolutionary Struggle who is wanted and with a bounty on her.

We call everyone to come on Friday 22nd at 9am to Koridallos Prisons, to express our solidarity to the comrades on trial.

Assembly for Solidarity for the political prisoners, imprisoned and persecuted fighters.