Monday, 4 May 2015

Chile: Communique of Enrique Alfonso Guzman Amadeo, on hunger strike since 14th of April

“No aggression must be left unanswered”
Now and always, for any brother and sister and/or prisoner, in the face of any terrorist attack carried out by power, since clearly the
intention in our situation is to spread terror and intimidate the
environment of the kompas kidnapped since 18th September 2014.
The clearest evidence of this is my imprisonment, the kidnapping in the street of one of our friends the same day, and the dogs of the GOPE going to the house of a second friend to leave a summons for him to “voluntarily” attend to testify.
In this letter I am taking the opportunity to repudiate/despise/hate all vile/disgusting beings, each actor/actress that carries out and
maintains all the structure of power.
As an answer to the facts that I am relating, we have decided jointly with my brothers and sister/kompas/friends to carry out a liquid hunger strike to the end, in my case, from Tuesday 14th of April.
As well as an answer to the cabrxs/families/friends that have decided to go once more before the ridiculous judicial process that is carried out against us, and that we know that it is not the first time that bastard power tries to scare/intimidate/punish all those that have decided to reject the manner in which we are obliged to exist/live.
Our demands:
-The immediate transfer of Nataly Antonieta Casanova Muñoz to a wing/tower where she can relate and contact with the others kidnapped in the extermination center where they are keeping her under a punishment and isolation regime, with an hour of air since her arrival. The demand has been made on various occasions, having had no answer from the prison institution.
-The immediate annulment of the “precautionary measure” in which is our friend/kompa/brother Guillermo Duran, who was kidnapped on 18th September at Nataly’s house, for whom has no evidence/lie has been presented, in respect to the investigation that is taking place.
-To clarify the scientific validity of the DNA “evidence”, supposedly
obtained in the places of the different explosions we are accused of, and from which the clowns, screenwriters/complainants (especially the prosecutors Orellana and Guzman) have so strongly held since the beginning of the investigation, ignoring the fact that different geneticists and criminologists have dismissed the validity of such evidence.
-We demand an end to the harassment/persecution carried out by the repressive forces against our environment, who (in spite of this) keep strong and dignified, managing in all instances, not letting themselves be intimidated (because we don’t buy them) in the face of the different attacks of the ruling power.
-In this way we also denounce and demand an end to the aggression and harassment of the kompas Nataly Casanova and Juan Flores by the screws, that on different occasions have carried out beatings, threats and accusations against the brother and sister and have caused them to be punished through [lack of] visits/parcels, days of punishment and isolation, with the impossibility to request conjugal visits, etc
My immediate liberation from the prison business where I am kidnapped, considering the absurd script that they have invented yet again, with the ridiculous accusation and absurd/delusional evidence presented by the clowns/prosecutors.
Lastly, to show that I receive lovingly all the encouragement that (you) that have sent me or got to me through my family, I appreciate every gesture received, and do not cease to appreciate them with great pleasure.
I take advantage to send a fraternal greeting to each one of the persons involved in this and other sectors of the world and doesn't hesitate to face power in its various forms, especially to the unknown who in these days decided not to keep quiet in the face of the recent police/judicial spectacle that is affecting us now; both outside and inside the different centers of punishment and extermination.
Enrique Alfonso Guzman Amadeo
Module 35
Prison Company Santiago I
from el refractario, translated to English by ActForFreedomNow!