Monday, 4 May 2015

Australia: Brisbane City Hall stormed and occupied by Aboriginal protesters & supporters

On Saturday the 2nd of May Brisbane City Hall in Brisbane's CBD was stormed by Brisbane's Aboriginal community and their supporters as part of nation-wide protests against the forced closure of remote Aboriginal communities by the governments in Western and South Australia.

The protesters raised the Aboriginal flag inside City Hall and announced to the authorities that the building was occupied and that they would not be leaving until the media were allowed into the building to attend an impromptu press conference by Aboriginal community spokespersons.

After approximately three hours of negotiations the authorities relented and organized for journalists from several media outlets to enter City Hall and the press conference was held. During the press conference Aboriginal community leaders expressed their outrage at the forced closures and at the lack of positive media coverage and stated that protest actions would be continuing until the government's planned closures of Aboriginal communities were completely scrapped.

Satisfied that their demands had been fully met the protesters then peacefully left City Hall. No arrests were made making it a hugely successful and well publicized action.

You can find more information about the Aboriginal people's struggle against the forced closure of their communities HERE