Friday, 8 May 2015

Bristol, UK: Solidarity banners for anarchist prisoner Emma Sheppard and others

Our greetings go out to Em, who just turned 34 behind bars after laying traps for police cars.
One banner read:
‘Happy Birthday to Anarchist Prisoner Emma Sheppard! – Down with all cages!’
We know what a boot looks like,
When seen from underneath,
We know the philosophy of boots…
Soon we will invade like weeds,
Everywhere but slowly;
The captive plants will rebel
With us, fences will topple,
Brick walls will ripple and fall
There will be no more boots
Meanwhile we eat dirt
and sleep; we are waiting
under your feet.
When we say attack
You will hear nothing
At first
- Margaret Atwood “Song of the Worms”
The other banner:
‘Capital is ‘Green’ as Nuclear is ‘Safe’ – Against Industrial Society – Hands Off  Billy, Silvia, and Costas.’
In reference to 3 anarchist ecologists who the Italian state want to re-try over an unsuccessful action in Switzerland, and the capitalist marketing ploy of Bristol as the European Green Capital.
Both banners were hung over the M32 during the morning rush hour on Thursday 30th April.
Recently word has reached us of international police collaboration in the UK targeting action or publication groups allegedly connected to a thwarted plan to liberate guerrillas from dungeons in Greece. Solidarity to the underground who, from Scotland to Bristol to London, head out with hackles raised and spray-paint, rocks or slingshots in their pockets and blazing hearts never extinguished. A wink of complicity for those that defiantly acted for freedom and who got away.
State repression is a hurdle for any liberation tendency. Here in England anarchists, outlaws, and would be fighters with the Kurdish resistance to ISIS (see the case of Shilan Ozcelik) can all attest to that. We call attention to the common thirst for freedom in all these cases. May struggle continue in every form that is necessary. Regardless of the outcome of the election pantomime we are ungovernable.
Anarchists in Solidarity
(via 325nostate)