Saturday, 9 May 2015

Montevideo: Incendiary attack against the Chamber of Construction of Uruguay (CCU)

At dawn on the 1st of May we carried out an incendiary attack against the Chamber of Construction of Uruguay (CCU). While the result was less damaging than expected, we do know that the attack was accurate. However the powers that be have responded with silence, this is not the first time that this has happened and we believe that it is intentional.

Based on this fact we have decided to publish the news of our attack and we call on all compañeros in the region to do the same in order to awaken and spread the contagion of insurrection.

We trust that the reason for our attack does not need to be explained but just in case then here are the fundamentals: The CCU is the organization for the employers of the construction industry which is one of the main industries in the region and one of the main drivers of urban development. Needless to say, the companies related to this industry are highly exploitative of both people and territories so certainly any attack on this industry is a blow to the system of capitalist domination.

For permanent insurrection and anarchy!

Haymarket Insurrectional Cell

(via contra info)