Sunday, 10 May 2015

Mexico: The workers of San Quintin

Just south of the US/Mexico border, the town of San Quintin in Baja California, is the site of a workers uprising. Campesinos, field workers, went on strike against appalling working conditions. They earn less than 8 dollars a day, working for 12+ hours a day. Women face sexual assault from field bosses and were afraid to speak up because they feared being fired. Eventually, the workers would say ya basta, enough, and they did.
March 18, thousands of workers took to the streets and blockaded roads. Demanding a living wage and an end to the sexual assault women faced on the job. The reaction from the state, violent repression. 200 arrested and countless injured. Police and soldiers fired rubber bullets and tear gas at people who simply wanted the right to live with dignity. We should be aware that this is the usual response, in Mexico and elsewhere. This didn’t stop the workers from continuing their fight. The strike and their struggle is ongoing.
On the 9th of May, police attacked the workers, injuring many.
They even broke into the homes of some of the striking workers to assault them. The workers fought back, even took down an armored police vehicle in the process.
All power to the workers of San Quintin and their families in this fight.