Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Mexico: Barricades and propaganda offensive outside Acatlán School of Higher Studies

On April 30th at approximately 1:00PM a group of about 30 encapuchadxs (hooded ones) interrupted regular traffic outside Acatlán School of Higher Studies with barricades. For over an hour and a half the encapuchadxs distributed propaganda encouraging a boycott of the upcoming elections along with the call for agitation in the name of a Black June in all territories administered by the Mexican state. Banners were hung in solidarity with anarchist prisoners and cries were heard alluding to the Chicago martyrs of the 1st of May.

Upon the arrival of trucks and motorcycles of the Mexico state police the barricades were lit, rockets were detonated and rocks and molotov cocktails were thrown at the thugs in uniform. Soon after the encapuchadxs retreated with no arrests being made. 

(via contra info)