Monday, 4 May 2015

June 1st International day of solidarity with Aboriginal people in so-called Australia

The group In Solidarity with all Land Defenders have issued a call for a day of international solidarity with the Aboriginal people in so-called Australia's #SHUTDOWNAUSTRALIA campaign to be held on June 1st, 2015. 

"On June 1st communities across so called Australia will be taking to the streets to protect aboriginal communities from forced removal.

We stand in solidarity with Indigenous communities fighting for survival against ongoing genocide worldwide.

This is a CALLOUT for solidarity actions WORLDWIDE

Take any action necessary where ever you are!"

More about the #SHUTDOWNAUSTRALIA campaign:

Shut Down Aotearoa, Turtle Island and our Aboriginal Island on 1st June.

Elders from South Australia have called for a 60 min strike to remember the 60000 years First people lived here before invasion.

Shut Down Australia is a grassroots campaign to oppose the federal and state governments plan to forcibly close Aboriginal homeland communities in Australia and to organise a call for nationwide strike action and International trade sanctions against Australia to stop this continued dispossession from their homeland communities.

Join the Worldwide Strike Action to Protect First Nation Peoples and their right to remain on their remote ancestral homelands!

Calling on Australia to "Down Tools Australia for Aboriginal Rights" give "60 minutes for a people that have been here for over 60,000 years" to stop the forced closure of Aboriginal remote homeland communities. The time is now to stop the government from under resourcing and stripping essential funding to sustain community municipal services, such as water supply, electricity infrastructure, sewage services and garbage disposal for an estimated 200 remote Aboriginal homeland communities in WA and SA.

Strike Action is to take place for 60 minutes between 10:30am to 11:30am the 1st of June 2015. Please register to strike and receive further instructions as to the planned strike actions measures which will take place around the country at the same time.

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