Wednesday 28 October 2015

Spain: New phase of Operation Pandora repressions - 9 comrades detained

28.10.15: A police operation began at 7AM this morning raiding several homes and properties in the neighborhoods of Sants, Gràcia, Clot and Sant Andreu de Palomar in the city of Barcelona and Manresa. The police action was ordered by the Audiencia Nacional (National Court) and is a continuation of Operation Pandora, which led to the arrest of ten comrades and the preventative imprisonment of seven of them last December. Among the properties searched were Revoltosa social center on Rogent street in the Clot neighborhood and the l'Ateneu Llibertari de Sants on Maria Victoria street where ten police vans were in attendance. When the news was leaked, dozens of people demonstrated in solidarity and took to the streets of Sants marching behind a banner in support of the detainees. Minutes later as the demonstration reached Masnou street two vans of riot police arrived and proceeded to violently suppress the demonstration.

Searches also took place at a house on Perill street in the neighborhood of Gracia, a house in the neighborhood of Santos and other private homes in Sant Andreu de Palomar. Police made a total of 9 arrests. At every place police raided they encircled the whole street and impeded the free movement of the neighborhood. In details leaked to the press by the police they revealed that the operation led to the arrest of 9 people for the alleged crime of "belonging to a criminal organization with terrorist aims."

In response to the raid a call has gone out for demonstrations at 8:00PM at la Plaça del Diamant de la Vila de Gràcia.

(via Directa