Monday, 26 October 2015

Solidarity with La ZAD from Philippine Archipelago autonomous spaces & infoshops

ZAD - Europe's largest post-capitalist protest camp - a kind of rural occupy on the eastern edge of Brittany, half an hour's drive from the city of Nantes.

Like a rebel constellation spread across 4000 acres of forest, farmland and marshes, it takes the form of old old squatted farms and fields, D.I.Y. straw bale houses, up-cycled sheds, theaters and bars cobbled from Industrial-pallets, hobbit like round houses, cute cabins built with the world's waste, huts perched frighteningly high in tress and a multitude of other disobedient architectural fantasies.

La ZAD has been a laboratory for ways of living despite capitalism since the 2009 French Climate Camp.

In Solidarity!

- from Autonomous Spaces & Infoshops around Philippine Archipelago