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Malaysia: Solidarity with Khalid Ismath, imprisoned for criticizing the government on Facebook

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Solidarity from Indonesia

Statement of PEMBEBASAN (Pusat Perjuangan Mahasiswa untuk Pembebasan Nasional—Center of Student Struggle for National Liberation).

18 October 2015

Solidarity for Khalid Ismath and Democracy in Malaysia.
Free Khalid Ismath!

Enforce Democracy, Destroy Militarism!

Eliminate the Sedition Act!

To Liberation and Solidarity!

Democracy and capitalism will not be able to walk along because capitalism does not need democracy. For capitalism, democracy will only disrupt the process of capital accumulation, so, even if democracy must exist, then it must be limited, controlled, dwarfed—so it can do no harm to the capital accumulation process. That kind of democracy is always inherent in any capitalist power, anti-criticism and repressive.

It is also endemic in the constitutional monarchy in Malaysia. Efforts to shut the criticism down is done by using the legislation instruments. We know Khalid Ismeth, that since October 7, 2015 has been imprisoned by the police in Ayer Molek, Johor, Malaysia.

The arrest of Khalid Ismath is just because he wrote his criticism against the government and the Sultan in Malaysia on his facebook status. Khalid criticized over the arrest of Kamal Hisham Jaafar through social media. Kamal Hisham try to uncover the truth behind the Sultanate evil empire, and he had been in Singapore since hunted by the government (Sultanate of Johor).
That is where Khalid Ismath expressed his support for Kamal Hisham, while criticizing the Sultanate of Johor. Soon, Khalid was arrested by the police with two charges; violating the section 233 of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia (Section 233 Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Act 1998) and Sedition Act 1948 as he encourage others to join in solidarity. Although two days after the arrest Khalid were released, he has been arrested again with sedition act.

Next, Khalid was brought to the court on October 13, 2015 for trial. Johor Baru Sessions Court charged him with 11 counts under the section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 and 3 counts under the Sedition Act 1948.

Repression and anti-democratic act as practiced by the Sultanate of Johor provide a conclusion that there is no democracy for the majority of the people. For Sultanate of Johor, the meaning of democracy is exactly the same as the capitalistic democracy, it never give space for the people.

Capitalism does not object to dictators and dictatorships while they are in conformity with the interests of the accumulated profits. In his book, State and Revolution, Lenin, one of the leaders of the Russian Revolution in 1917, said that democracy in capitalism is democratic to investors that its economic position is free from the control of the people. It is enough to give them a councils, without the right to fire the representatives of their own choosing; enough to give them the 'democratic' institutions as a representative functions for their aspirations, without the urge to directly engage and understand it. That artificial democracy was built to keep people from politics, because the politics that is desirable by the capitalist is politics that serve the interests of the investment and the capital accumulation. It consequences on the need of political stability that leave the process of capital accumulation undisrupted. The political stability that is desired by capitalism and capitalist government agencies is enforced through the instrument of legislation and mobilization (military repression). These character appears in capitalist government around the world. Also practiced by the Sultanate of Johor when responding to the criticism issued by Khalid Ismath, and probably also will befall to anyone who dares to criticize the Sultanate of Johor in Malaysia.

Democracy and political freedom is the key/way out of the problems of the people who have been credited by capitalism.
Moreover, if the government's structure is still using feudal instruments such as kingdom/empire, the developments of people's productive power capacity would be very disturbed, and they will never develop the democracy itself (people power).

The issue of democracy; The more intolerant, more refused to differences, the opposing side was left to destroy each other, ideological differences are considered dangerous. It does not matter that a thousands of lives annihilated, as long as its ideology/doctrine does not spread; short-sighted, parochial, abominable, and dwarfed. Adapted according to the logic of capital, so long as the democracy does not hurt investment.
Therefore, for the sake of democracy and solidarity of anti-imperialism-capitalism people , we from PEMBEBASAN, demands:

- Khalid Ismath NOT GUILTY, the Sultanate of Johor should RELEASE Khalid Ismath now.

- Eliminate the Sedition Act.

- Stop the repression and activist criminalization.

- Give democracy, political freedom and prosperity for all the people of Malaysia.

And to the social movement in Malaysia we call for:

Unite people with democratic and anti-imperialism-capitalism platform as a condition against the feudal power structure (the empire/kingdom) and capitalist government agencies. Unity of the people is the embryo of a council of the people (people's power) to determine the future of Malaysia—to break away from capitalism.

In solidarity and democracy,
Jakarta, 19 October 2015
National Collective

PEMBEBASAN—Pusat Perjuangan Mahasiswa untuk Pembebasan Nasional (Center of Student Struggle for National Liberation)

*Note from Insurrection News: For updated information on Khalid, check Bebas Khalid Ismath Facebook page (Malay language) and follow these hashtags: 
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