Sunday, 16 August 2015

Denmark: On the recent repression in Copenhagen

Insurrection News received on 17.08.15:

At 5.30 am Thursday August 13, the anti-authoritarian collective BumZen was raided by a gang of masked cops from the police anti-criminal gang unit. They were followed by an army of armed cops, who handcuffed everyone present in the building at the time. The pretext given was that they were looking for participants in a riotous Reclaim The Streets demo the previous weekend. However, it is clear to us that this was a politically motivated operation against the infrastructure of the radical movement.

Although about 25 people were present during the raid, none were allowed to supervise the police while they were searching through their rooms and property. The police picked out the individuals, who had their official address at BumZen to bring them to the cop shop and charge them under paragraph 134a, participation in a riot. 

Three other locations were raided the same morning. Two 17-year olds were arrested and remanded, accused of smashing windows at a bank in Østerbro, despite their status as minors and vandalism being a fairly petty charge. 

On Saturday August 15 a demonstration took place from Blågårds Plads to BumZen, where there was a people's kitchen. All proceeds collected are being donated to to the prisoners.

Against repression and police brutality!

Solidarity with the prisoners!