Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The International Freedom Battalion of Rojava and participation from Greece

English translation of a statement issued in April 2015 by RUIS (Revolutionary Union for Internationalist Solidarity) from Greece declaring that they have joined the International Freedom Battalion​ of internationalist communist and anarchist volunteers who are defending the Rojava revolution.

The Revolutionary Union for Internationalist Solidarity is a formation for struggle with the aim to practice solidarity in the international field of armed conflicts on the the side of the classes of the oppressed who fight towards social liberation from the domination of states and of capital.

Solidarity in practice should bear characteristics of a common struggle at every critical point, a struggle which creates the world of revolution and which through its radical character, breaks the boundaries of tyranny, of oppression and of exploitation.

Specially, in responding to the call-out of MLKP for international solidarity we decided to take part with commitment to the necessities of the social struggle in Kurdistan.

We are there to offer our services to the struggle and to learn from the multi-faceted and resourceful living revolutionary process.

We recognize in this struggle:

-Its fundamental class character
-Its anti-fascist and anti-imperialist character
-Its social liberation character

Along with the multiform reinforcement of the revolutionary forces in Syria, Iraq, Turkey and the wider Middle East, the Revolutionary Union for Internationalist Solidarity aims to open up a path of solidarity from Greece, which will not only attempt to realize the vision of  Internationalist Revolutionary Solidarity, but will also pursue the coordination and collaboration beyond the local boundaries.

Even though we have formulated our own political program towards libertarian communism, we recognize the fundamental value of a broad collectivization based on a broad range of conditions while at the same time each participant maintains their autonomy.



April 2015

(via Athens Indymedia)