Monday 27 July 2015

Suruç Massacre: Solidarity from Melbourne

27.07.15: A solidarity action took place outside the Turkish consulate in Melbourne on Monday in response to Turkish state complicity in the Suruç Massacre and in response to the international call out made by Anarşi İnisiyatifi (Anarchy Initiative) who lost four of their comrades in the attack. 

A group of about 20 mostly anarchist activists gathered outside the consulate at around 5PM with banners and signs condemning the massacre and the involvement of the Turkish state, there were also signs expressing support for the ongoing Rojava Revolution. Of the two large banners that were unfurled outside the consulate, one read: 'Solidarity With Suruç From Melbourne! Stop Turkish State Sponsored Terror!' while the other banner read: 'In Memory Of Evrim Deniz Erol, Alper Sapan and Medali Barutçu - Solidarity Is Our Weapon!' 

There were two speeches made with the speakers expressing solidarity with the people of Suruç, the Kurdish struggle in Rojava and elsewhere in Kurdistan, condemning the Turkish state for their involvement in the Suruç massacre and for their recent airstrikes against the PKK as well as the shelling of YPG/J positions inside Rojava. Mention was also made of the brutal crackdown against the Kurdish movement and the Turkish left inside Turkish state controlled territories - a crackdown that has resulted in mass detentions and the extra-judicial killings of at least 3 young activists. 

As expected there was the usual over the top presence of both state and Federal police officers who were stationed in front of the consulate doors and across the road from where the demonstration took place. A staffer from the consulate was also observed taking photographs of the action. 

Solidarity With The People of Suruç!

Long Live The Memories of Evrim Deniz Erol, Alper Sapan, Medali Barutçu And All The Young Revolutionaries Who Died In The Suruç Massacre!

Long Live The Rojava Revolution And The Kurdish Resistance!

Increase The Pressure Against Turkish State Terror!