Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Rojava Solidarity Australia Statement On The Suruç Massacre

Rojava‬ Solidarity Australia unequivocally condemn the cowardly and barbaric attack against the young people who were gathered in solidarity with Kobane that took place in ‪Suruç‬ on 20.07.15.

This callous, inhumane act that was committed against young activists who were preparing to cross the border into ‪Kobane‬, Rojava in order to deliver gifts for war-affected children and to assist in the reconstruction of the war-ravaged city is nothing short of an atrocity carried out by enemies of humanity who falsely believe that they can crush the international Rojava solidarity movement via acts of terror and cowardice.

We would like to express our deepest sympathies and condolences to the many people who lost loved ones in this cowardly attack. Our thoughts are also with the many people who were injured and we wish them all swift recoveries.

Even though what took place was a horrific and terrible crime of the highest magnitude we take some degree of comfort in the knowledge that this despicable attack will not in any way alter the resolve of the international Rojava solidarity movement to continue actively supporting both the Rojava revolution and the reconstruction of Kobane.

Rojava Solidarity Australia