Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Kathmandu, Nepal: Solidarity Action for the Comrades Murdered in Suruç

On 29 July, 2015, in solidarity with our many comrades and friends from around the globe, Kathmandu-based anarchists and activists instigated a graffiti action to highlight our outrage at the seemingly Turkish state-sanctioned mass murder of 32 people, including 3 of our anarchist brothers, Evrim Deniz Erol, Alper Sapan and Medali Barutçu, in Suruç (Pîrsus in Kurdish), on 20 June, 2015. 

This affinity action was undertaken as both a response to the Turkish-based, Anarchist Initiative (Anarsi Inisiyatifi) call out for global solidarity in condemnation of the slaughter, and as a direct action approach to expressing our grief and rage at the brutal deaths of our allies.  
The statement, “We are everywhere and we are watching you MIT! Solidarity with Suruc! Viva Rojava!” was spray painted on a high-visibility, main road wall in close vicinity of the Turkish Consulate in Kathmandu.  

Participants who engaged in the action said: 

“We are horrified and outraged by the attack on the 32 solidarity activists in Suruc, who were travelling en-route to Kobane to participate in the re-building of the canton. In the current international geo-political environment, we acknowledge the creation of the Rojava cantons as one of the most exciting, inspiring and successful processes of gender equitable, environmentally sustainable, autonomous community organising being implemented in the global context . As anarchists and activists, we recognise our responsibility and the inherent importance of extending our support and solidarity to our friends in Rojava (both those from the region and internationally), whose bravery and courage in creating a society based on principles of ethnic, gender, and cultural tolerance, inclusivity and participation, provide us with inspiration for strategies to enact meaningful social change in our own communities. 

We strongly condemn the Turkish state for their ongoing campaign of repression against anarchists and activists in supporting Rojava, their attacks on the YPG/ YPJ, and their continuing brutality towards the Kurdish community. Subsequently, we demand to know the extent of MIT's involvement and collusion in this senseless attack. Our message to the Turkish state and it's National Intelligence Organisation, Millî İstihbarat Teşkilatı (MIT) is that we support any resistance strategies undertaken by our friends, allies and comrades in curbing your attempts to thwart and quash the Rojava revolution, those who support it, and those who are active in exposing your complicity in the subjugation of those opposed to, and subject to, your state imposed violence.”