Saturday, 13 June 2015

International call out from the people of Czire Canton in Rojava

The following comes to us via our friends from Rojava Solidarity Australia who received this important international call out from the people from Czire Canton in Rojava and asked us to help them spread the word. Please read and share widely. 

With this call out we invite individuals, organizations, collectives to participate in our liberation fight, liberation not only of the Kurds for their land, but first and foremost liberation from the power of the state and capitalism. We invite you to come to Rojava, Canton Cizire.

The Rojava (Western Kurdistan) is a piece of land largely freed from the presence of ISIS but under embargo: an embargo implemented against us not only from Turkey but also from Iraqi Kurdistan, which regime does not appreciate the social changes taking place here. This embargo limits the availability of basic necessities, but also on the shortage of medicines and medical equipment needed to treat the injured. Here there are thousands of martyrs, of people killed by war: many have lost their family and home.

As in all wars in the world, it is the woman who bears the greatest weight, because she is losing her children, she is being raped, she is sold as slavery and forced to prostitute; in addition, in Syria and in much of the Middle East, until the revolution, women were considered a second class people. But here in Rojava, the woman no longer considers this an inevitable fate: since long time, women have begun to be active in all fields (social, political, military) and this is managing to change the chauvinist mentality. In the fight against the patriarchal system we fight also against all forms of oppression and abuse: the same way of thinking that places man above the woman also he puts those who have power over the people and the human being above of nature, in a hierarchy of violence and abuse. Fighting against the patriarchal system therefore means for us also fighting the authoritarian and reactionary mentality.

Here there is suffering, of course, but here there is also happiness. There is happiness and pride, because a people has raised up against the abuses. We learned again to write in our language, which had been prohibited in all public buildings. We put into practice a model of democratic self-management, in which decisions start and are discussed and made in public meetings in the streets that involves all those who want to be part of it. We organized together with all minorities and ethnic groups which are present in this part of the world, so that everyone can keep his identity completing each other in a dynamic that enriches everybody.

We fight a legitimate struggle for liberation, as can be to the Palestinian one or as were the anti-colonial ones; this is also a struggle to give power to the people, putting as a priority the liberation of women; this fight looking for a harmonic relationship with nature, an interconnected cycle of which even human beings are part; this struggle wants to eliminate authoritarianism fighting the mentality that generates it. Our struggle is also responsible for its own defense through YPG-YPJ, because the monsters that attack it are many and deadly.

What you can do here is much, first of all to come to see, and to tell in your countries what happens here. And then to help those who have suffered psychological trauma, help in reconstruction, aid in natural parks, in the "Newroz" refugee camp which houses Yazidis fleeing from Shingal, as well as take part in the defense forces of the people and of women (YPG-YPJ). Your solidarity, in our eyes, has the highest value.

We would like to hear your stories, to hear about the struggles that take place in other parts of the world, and we would like to share our revolution with you. We invite you so that you can see with your own eyes that the system which forces the human being to become a part of its machine, and takes away humanity and happiness from the people, makes them into puppets of mechanisms over which they have no control, is not the only possible system, and this is one of the alternatives. In the history and all around of the world there have always been and always will be movements struggling to liberate the human being from the Power that would like to make the people dead and sad, we believe it is important to join these movements because only together we can win against the monster that, in its various forms, we struggle against.

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