Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Chile: Poster & text against narco-traffickers & the police state

Drugs and the police are the same: Let self-defense and revenge spread.

Not one millimeter should be ceded to traffickers who are the collaborators and accomplices of repression.

On May 14, 2015 various student protests took place throughout Chile. In Valparaiso an altercation over some scratching on a wall made the miserable Giuseppe Briganti decide to fire a 9mm pistol into the crowd. Two young students who were participating in the protests were hit and killed by the bastard's bullets.

The sick society which supports the defense of private property and the maintenance of public order as fundamental values justifies the executions of those who dare to disturb the peace of the graveyard and is delighted at the bullets fired by Giuseppe. The thuggish attitude, the need to control territory and the drug market as well as the need to maintain the 'tranquility' in the defense of private property made Giuseppe fire into the crowd without even aiming at anybody in specific. Giuseppe just shot and shot and shot again at 'protest,' anybody who was there could have died but this time it was the turn of two young people.

All our hatred for Giuseppe and the power of the narco-traffickers and all those who support, defend, finance and endorse them!

Attack all forms of domination!

(via contra info, translated by insurrection news)