Sunday, 6 September 2015

Sydney: Reclaim The Streets - Afterlife DnB rolling street party protest 13.09.15

If you are annoyed or angered with Sydney's ridiculous nanny state lock out laws and the way they are destroying Sydney's late night and dance music culture then now is the time to be heard!

Share this event with everyone you know - numbers are important this time...

This multi-stage, mobile festival starts at the Hyde Park Fountain at 1pm, and leaves soon after.

The decay of our nightlife is a visible symptom of a much bigger problem: the influence of money upon policy. 

As property developers, casino owners, miners, and bankers fight over their own agendas, the interests of the average person take a backseat.

Reclaim The Streets is a protest and a street party, but most importantly it’s a celebration of what our public life could be.

We believe the city should be affordable, open and supportive of everyone who works, lives or plays here.

The city is for everyone – RECLAIM THE STREETS!

Representing Afterlife DnB on a rolling DSS sound system we have:

Sam Da Chemist
Source Invisible

Be at the Hyde Park Fountain no later than 1pm (party moves throughout Sydney) and make your voice heard!

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