Saturday, 15 August 2015

Communique From Red Aid International Calling For Solidarity With Political Prisoners In India

Communique from Red Aid International

For several months Red Aid International have conducted a campaign to demand the release of prisoners in India who are members of the Maoist Communist Party of India and all the fighters of the People's War in India who are being oppressed by three enemies - imperialism, fedualism and the local bourgeoisie.

The Maoist Communist Party of India is on the front-lines fighting to defend the fundamental rights of the Indigenous people and all victims of the capitalist and neo-liberalist policies that are pursued by the Indian state with the full backing of the imperialist countries of the Western world.

This August 15, the day of commemoration for the so-called 'independence' of India, Red Aid International calls for an International Day of Action in solidarity with the prisoners to demand their release and to demand respect for their fundamental human rights and to demand that they be fully recognized as political prisoners.

Besides the 60 party members it currently holds behind bars, the Modi BJP (Hindu Nationalist Party) government also holds more than 10,000 people accused of either having links with the Maoist guerrillas or for 'sedition' or 'actions against state authorities.' The central government has been strengthened over the past year via an arsenal of laws used to repress any popular movements and all forms of dissent.

This day is an opportunity to denounce these policies and to demand the release of all prisoners fighting for the People's War in India.

Solidarity Is Our Weapon! 

Long Live International Solidarity!

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