Sunday, 9 August 2015

Brisbane: Tranarchist bloc report-back from the 08.08.15 'Marriage Equality' rally

At the "Rally for marriage equality and equality for all" in ‪‎Brisbane‬, 8/8/2015...

Speakers were briefed not to stray from the "gay monogamous marriage solves all queer problems through trickledown economics *ahem* trickledown rights" which is ironic as fuck, considering the organisers are Trots.

So, what happened during the march:

Initially we were marching in line with the rainbow banner. The person on the end closest to the cars had to keep moving left and right to dodge parked cars. Anyway, halfway down George Street, the rainbow banner crew suddenly ran and got their banner fully in front of us. After about 30 seconds of that we were like "what the fuck, it's on" so we got into the front. Then we saw one of the marriage organisers behind us, and we were like "hey get the rainbow people to move over to the side, they're in the middle of the street so we can't fit side by side" and she just rolled her eyes and shook her head angrily at us and was like "they're meant to be at the front" so we just kept marching.

The SAlties (Socialist Alternative - an authoritarian Marxist group) kept giving us dirty looks and another Trot kept taking pictures of us daring to not back down from marxist backstabbing of anarchists.

When they kept chanting "hey hey ho ho homophobia's got to go" we changed it to transphobia. More dirty looks from them, but whatever: if the title of your rally includes "and equality for all", then we will take you up on it.

(via Brisbane Anarchist Direct Action & Solidarity Syndicate)