Friday, 24 July 2015

Greece: Chronicle of a leftist suicide

The following text was sent to us by the comrades from ContraMadriz, a web-portal for contra-information based in Madriz, Spain. The text is an English translation of a text written by Greek comrades reflecting on recent events in Athens and some of the current trends in Greek anarchist circles. 

The Chronicle of a leftist suicide

Faced with the misery that exists in Greece in recent years, the leftist
coalition of SYRIZA seized the power in January 2015, waiving the flag
of patriotic hope and of the supposed European principles of democracy,
equality and solidarity.

The events of these last weeks lead us to the conclusion that it was
merely a smoke bomb or even a populist illusion. Either one or the
other, the bomb exploded.

Since the announcement of the referendum -that managed to mobilize
thousands of people with different orientations, desires and needs-,
there were several interpretations though the question was clear: yes or
no to the austerity deal proposed by the EU?

The result, well, who cares? It is obvious how much they care for their
beloved democracy! On July 15, austerity measures still pending since
the previous memorandum were voted by the Parliament, in order for their
European partners to approve a new rescue program, including not only
what the 62% of voters rejected in the referendum of July 5th, but more
and even harder, opening the way to house evictions and more misery for
the next three years.

We, still have unfinished business with this political abomination that
in recent years infiltrated various projects, collectives and spaces of
struggle, handing promises in exchange for votes of the anarchist / 
anti-authoritarian movement. Ever since N. Romanos hunger
strike, his pre-election propaganda was filthy, but still several
anarchist tendencies voted for a leftist administration, although the
recent massive hunger strike of the -over 30 -imprisoned comrades made
clear the intentions of this government.

Undoubtedly, the repression of recent governments and a controversial
spectre of "revolutionary" subjects caused this rupture to the A/A
movement. The presence of  more "red and light red" tendencies swept
away several comrades and the movement´s radicalization was lost during
the last year and a half. This is yet to be discussed and analysed.

No matter this alliance, some of us did not believe at any time these
promises and a “better” leftist administration. Some of the most
important historical examples are good to show exactly what was to
happen once they had taken the power. We never thought that repression
was to cease or that they were to keep their promises to our comrades;
we did not get carried away nor sacrificed our anarchist discourse and
practice on behalf of a massive social awareness.

Instead, we decided to respond with our presence in Syntagma Square.
Without pacts, without concessions, the conflict returned to the street.
After more than a year of silence, the centre of Athens once again got
full of life and light. The fire that swept lit banks, television vans
and made the cops dancing once again.

But do not forget that every battle has its cost. Among the 13 arrested
that night, most were comrades. For them and for all who come next, our
solidarity and response is out again at the street.

Stay tuned!