Saturday, 23 May 2015

Czech Republic: Arson attack against a car of exploitative business Řízkárnou by Network of Revolutionary Cells

On Thursday, May 14, 2015 an action took place in which a company car belonging to Řízkárnou restaurant was torched. The responsibility for this action is claimed by Abrek Zelimchan Cell. This action is proof that the Network of Revolutionary Cells (SRB) was not paralyzed by the police repression that has been aimed at the Czech anarchist movement. The cops are trying to break the anarchist movement but they are failing. Their aggression only gives more impetus to the formation of new cells that are ready to expand the insurgent network. 

We could not hide our joy regarding the two previous arson attacks against Řízkárnou by Revolutionary Cells in March 2015. They inspired us to connect with them via praxis. Řízkárnou is one of thousands of sites where exploitation of workers takes place. Vladimír Krulec, the owner, does not even pay his workers. Economic sabotage against his car speaks for those who know that change is not something that falls from the sky but is something that is born from struggle.

The cell responsible for the torching of the car is named after a Chechen guerrilla who died in combat against the state. We do not want to build a personality cult, the cell name only symbolizes the immortal nature of rebellious passion. Despite the repression the attacks will continue again and again against the exploitation of resources. While some rebels fall in battle, others keep coming. You can imprison, torture and kill the rebels but the rebellion is unstoppable. Rebellion is immortal, Rebellion is contagious. 

Abrek Zelimchan Cell - Network of Revolutionary Cells / SRB

(via jailbreaking)