Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Belgium: MP's home tagged as resistance against maximum security prison project continues

Brussels, 17.05.15: The private residence of Rudi Vervoort, the MP for the Brussels region, was tagged with the inscription "No Prison In Haren." A mixture containing manure and tar was also poured on his doorstep. The home of one of Vervoort's colleagues was also tagged as was the former director of the prison in Forest and the former head of the maxi-prison project in Haren. Not long after the attack on her home, the former head of the Haren maxi-prison project decided to resign from her position. 

Since the start of the Belgium government's prison reform program began there have been attacks against all of the actors in the plan: political, administrative, construction, architects etc. In the most recent attack prior to the latest ones an incendiary device was left outside the home of the architect whose office signed the plans for the Haren maxi-prison project in February.

You can read more about the struggle against the Haren maxi-prison project here and here

(via secours rouge)